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Save time with Ticket Scan! Check your 4D and Jackpot winnings anywhere, anytime!

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Get the official Magnum 4D Live app, now available free on Android and iOS.

It's easy to check your winnings with Ticket Scan! Just point your phone at your ticket and let the app do all the work!

Ticket Scan

Checking your 4D or 4D Jackpot tickets has never been easier! Simply point your phone at your Magnum 4D ticket, and the app will automatically check all your numbers for you. Even combinations such as MBOX and 4D Jackpot System Bet can be checked with absolute confidence.

Live Draw

Watch every draw live as it happens. Browse results for any draw in Magnum 4D's history, see 4D Jackpot sizes. Get alerted when the winning numbers are available!

And More...

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